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Fightbac Silicon Mask Cover (Green)

Now that wearing a face mask is the new norms for year 2020 but do you know how to remove and keep it clean when you are at outside? Walking around with a dirty face mask isn't doing you or anyone else any favors. They are meant to stop the spread of germs, not spread germs themselves.

So, keeping the hygience of face mask is as important as wearing it. Most of us are guilty of just removing face mask and place it right on the dining table mindlessly when the food is served. We wouldn't know how many harmful bacteria are on the table surface that could cause us scondary infection, right?

In order to avoid other harmful bacteria getting to us via face mask, Fightbac has come out with a solution by introducing a portable Silicon Mask Cover/Container. So, next time while you are about to start eating just place your mask in the silicon face mask cover.

Key Features:

- Seal design

- Light & convenient

- Durable

- Can be boiled & sterilized

- Available in 5 colours

How to use:

1. Just lay the cover on a flat surface, place your face mask in an upward position.

2. Then, fold up the lower half of the mask.

3. Follow by, folding the left and right sides together.

4. Buckle it and the storage is complete.

5. Boil and sterilize the silicon mask cover after each use.

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