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Fightbac Lab Sdn Bhd is a sister company of Corporate Hero Century Sdn Bhd.

During the pandemic of covid 19, Fightbac Lab Sdn Bhd is one of the of many companies who stood up and fight back against this deadly Corona virus. By doing so, We think thoroughly and carefully the needs and wants of the people during this difficulties moment and fulfil them what they need the most. Because of that, and we come out with a range of PPE, from face mask to thermometer, isolation gown, disinfectant water, a range of sprayer and fogging machine. Beyond on that, we have other accessories to match in as well. We are a one stop shop for our customers. They can buy everything they need in our shop. We do business to business as well, by supplying these PPE to large factories, schools and other companies.

From time to time, we have our home brand which is FIGHTBAC. Our range of PPE are such as our fightback 3-layer antibacterial mask, fightback High Level disinfectant water – concentration and fogging, Fightbac Sanitizing gel and Fightbac Sanitizing Spray, Fightbac Silicone Mask Cover, and more to come. Furthermore, we give back to the community as well, by conducting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). During the pendamic of Covid 19, Corporate Hero Century has donatd 250 Medical grade Face Masks and 30 head covers to Buddhist TzuChi Merits Society (Sungai Petani). These Medical Face Masks and Head Cover were dedicated to the front liners (medical staff) who sacrificed themselves inorder to save the life of many patients infected from Corona Virus.


Standing up and Fight back during this difficult time is our main mission. We will always strive to offer a great service and products to all our customers during this pandemic of covid 19. We would always want our customers to feel a peace of mind after using our Fightbac range of Personal Protective Equipment.

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