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Fightbac Sanitizing Spray (500ml)

Fightbac sanitizing spray contains 75% isopropyl alcohol.  FIGHTBAC Sanitizing Spray effective against a range of pathogens envelope nonenveloped virus, vegetative bacteria, fungi & bacteria, fungi, and bacterial spores.  

Our 500ml of sanitizing gel is perfectly use in office, factory, mall or places with more crowd. Also available in small bottle of 50ml sanitizing spray (small & handy).

Key Features:

- Kills more than 99.99% germs instantly

- Contains 75% alcohol gel

- Leaves hand feeling soft

- No need to wash with water after applied

- Defense against germs, anytime and anywhere

- Easy and safe to use

- Good product quality

- Value for money

How to use:

Pour a small amount of the sanitizer and rub it in until your hands are dry. 

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