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Fightbac Sanitizing Gel (60ml)

Fightbac sanitizing gel contains 75% isopropyl alcohol.  FIGHTBAC Sanitizing Gel is  effective against a range of pathogens envelope, non-enveloped virus, vegetative bacteria, fungi & bacteria, fungi, and bacterial spores.  

Our small 60ml sanitizing gel are handy and portable, and it could place in your carry bag whenever you go. Also available in larger bottle of 500ml sanitizing gel.

Key Features:

- Kills more than 99.99% germs instantly

- Contains 75% alcohol gel

- Leaves hand feeling soft

- No need to wash with water after applied

- Defense against germs, anytime and anywhere

- Easy and safe to use

- Good product quality

- Value for money

How to use:

Pour a small amount of the sanitizer and rub it in until your hands are dry. 

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