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Fightbac FAscan II Contactless Thermometer

FAscan II Contactless Thermometer is a smart sensor automatic temperature detector. It made measuring body temperature quick, easy & safe by just simply place forehead near to the detector. Help to ensure the safety of front-line personnel and greatly reduces the risk of infection among the crowd. Needless on getting extra headcount on measuring body temperature of the visitors coming into premises.

Key Features:

- High precision temperature measurement.

- When the temperature is abnormal, the red light _ashes.

- No need for infrared non-contact measurement.

- Large size LCD screen, strong readability.

- Quick response & reduce crowd queue time.

- Suitable for schools, office, subways, supermarket, communities’ entrance.

- Easy to Install

Product Specification:

Input: 110 - 220V, 5V DC

Response Time: 0.5 Seconds Per Scan

Accuracy: +/- 0.2 (34 - 45 degree°C)

Distance: 5 - 10 cm

Fever Alarm: Flashing red light & audible alarm

Charging method: USB or Portable Charger

Measuring temperature: 0 - 80 degree°C

Ambient temperature: 5 - 45 degree°C

Installation: Nails, hooks, double-sided adhesive, tape, tripod stand or brackets.

The Original Improve Version:

- Alarm Light

- Infrared Ringing Sensor

- Infrared Thermometer

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