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Fightbac High Level Disinfectant water – Concentration (20L)

The active ingredient in Fightbac High Level Disinfectant water (Concentration) is Hydrogen Peroxide. Hydrogen Peroxide is a effective disinfectant that kills viruses, bacteria, and other germs. It's highly recommended by FDA to be used in hospitals especially for the frontliner during Coronavirus spreading.  This high level disinfectant water has a contact time of less than 1 minute with bacteria & germs.  Meaning it's fast (<1mins) on killing bacteria without the aids of mercury. FIGHTBAC High Level Disinfectant water is higly concetrated that it consists of 10,000ppm hydrogen peroxide, whereby the dosage recommended to against coronavirus is just 500 ppm.

Key Features

- Kills 99.9% virus

- Kills bacteria, fungi, and algae

- Non – alcohol (water base)

- Concentration Ph 4-5

- Fogging pH 6-7

How to use:

1. Fightbac High Level Disinfectant water – Concentration shall be diluted with water with the ratio of 1:9

2. It will produce another 10 diluted bottles. After dilution, the cost is down to RM1.50/L . The cost is very effective for factories.

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